“The Cap’n Crunch Show”

Like any star looking for a comeback, Cap’n Crunch needed to reach a new audience and connect with his deep base of existing fans. It was an opportunity for the brand to expand its online presence, as well as for my work at Huge to shape the agency’s social media and production offerings through this new business win.

Creating the Cap’n’s strategic voice, then building his Facebook and Twitter channels, our goal was to build his cult status. Next, we gave him his own internet based late night talk show directed by Visual Creatures at Gifted Youth, complete with celebrity interviews, and lead to a larger viral scandal that reached mainstream media.

Through the life-cycle of the campaign, I owned celebrity negotiations, episodic content creation, and real-time brand activation. I also scheduled editorial calendars and published content while tracking metrics and benchmarks to measure the success of the account. We successfully extended the business relationship for an additional year through 5% raise in total sales.