I am a builder of communities and culture.
Imagination and curiosity are the pillars of my foundation.
Mission-driven with strong values. 
My tools are ideas, stories, and insights that solve problems.

I’ve always been a storyteller captivated by the world around me and the moments that bring us together. My background, starting from childhood, is in filmmaking, engineering, and restaurants. From there, I grew a love for identifying someone’s motivations and engaging in their experiences. That’s fueled a deep passion for collaboration, and to this day, influenced how I lead teams.

It’s important to me to cultivate an environment of respect, for each interaction to have a shared value, and to be a mentor to the people around me. I’m a purpose-lead creative executive committed to an ESG culture and DEI. Thriving in changing environments, I’m always looking to moderate, iterate, and evolve. I see my personal goals through this lens, and use it as a professional when managing the challenges of launching a product, capturing an audience, defining value, and thriving in the market.

By shaping ideas into real products with actual connections that entertain, inspire, or serve our target, I’m able to keep achieving my mission of making the world around me a better place.

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