“Drawing Practice”

I remember having my first sketchbook at four.  For hours, I would spend my time in my imagination, with animals, or creating a make-believe world.  Drawing was always a part of my life. In high school I became a serious art student.  Somewhere along the way as my interests went into photography and film, then my professional life became priority. I fell out of it.  In searching for a new meditative practice, I returned to the basis and fundamentals of visual expression, drawing. Starting first by taking a class at one of my favourite places, The Metropolitan Museum.  From there, I challenged myself to an independent study every week, until I proved my commitment to the practice. It lead to classes at SVA, where I am today, spending two nights a week engaged in opening my creative brain and freeing my hands to capture what I’m seeing.  Drawing has become a place of pleasure, of dedication, and has changed how I see the world when I’m off the page, outside of the classroom. I’ve been posting the collection here, and looking forward to continuing to evolve this passion.