“Gant : Seems Legit”

Data shows that nearly all audiences are experiencing mobile video without the sound on. With the right shirt, everything we see can “Seem Legit”? For the launch of Highfield, an agency started by  Droga5 veterns, we created a series of five videos where our host only “looks like they know what they’re doing”. Directed by Cameron Harris of Gravy Films with post-production work by Nick Divers and Mackcut, each video tells two different stories. Made specifically to shift Gant from a traditional shirt maker, to a more modern brand, the video ran on Facebook only with Now This as a unique media partner. In less than a week through a combination of minimal media spend and organic reach, we had over 1mm views, with high completion rates and repeat viewing. The best qualitative feedback came in the audience comments where many took the videos seriously until they were told to “turn the sound on” by their peers.