“Mass Mutual : The Unsung”

Across the political spectrum, we can all agree there’s a friction in our culture today. Standing on MassMutual’s platform of “Live Mutual”, the brand wanted to create a clear message that in today’s divisive environment, there are people all over the country who look to come together for one another.

I started with a rough idea as a part of the team at Johannes Leonardo to unite multiple moments of mutuality through song. Researching these true stories, I casted all of the real talent in the film, lead the team to select the music and then negotiate the track, as well as managing all aspects of the six-city production directed by Austin Peters of Radical Media.

What started out as a film to run at the end of 2017 evolved into a large brand campaign with social assets, photography, four :30s and three :15s commercials for broadcast, in addition to a two-minute film that aired with Superbowl 2018